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St. George´s British International School

A letter from the Director

''I am delighted to welcome you to St George's British International School, located in the beautiful town of Leioa, in Greater Bilbao. We are a small and inclusive school made up of families from the whole of the Bilbao area and well beyond. As our name suggests we are a British school, proud to deliver the English National Curriculum and to inculcate the values and practices that derive from it. At the same time, we are an International school and equally proud to include families from around 30 different countries in our community. We are also a school that understands the great importance of holistic education, and we know the value of music, art, drama and sports in the wider development of our pupils. All of our pupils are offered opportunities in these essential extra-curricular areas and many excel in them. This wide range of possibilities is made a reality by a skilled and dedicated workforce of experienced professionals and by the close collaboration of a parent body fully involved in school life here at St George´s. 

The world that our young people will inherit over the coming years is difficult to predict and we as educators are committed to preparing our pupils for the emerging realities of the twenty-first century. That is why, finally, we place enormous value on the development of skills and attitudes that will equip our young people as they themselves become the adults of tomorrow. Please come and join us on that exciting journey. We are looking forward to getting to know you.''

Ian Walker