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A letter from the Director

''It is no coincidence that the school is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. It is no coincidence that among the more than 55 schools in Globeducate we are the second oldest of the group, second only to Stonar's 125 years. We are able to celebrate this anniversary thanks to the determination of the founders and the great effort they made at the time. 

Now it is our turn to take a new step in the school's history, a step forward, bringing together the school's own tradition and excellence with British education, thus giving it an international and global perspective.

What better way to celebrate this 65th anniversary than with the progressive conversion of St. George's into a British School at all stages of education.

And what are the implications of this new stage for the students of the English school in Bilbao?

At present our students follow the British education system from Early Years to Year 10, with native teachers trained in the English National Curriculum.

The main implication is that our school will teach the English National Curriculum at all stages of education, from two to 18 years old, although this will be implemented gradually. Next year we will start with Year 11 (2nd of ESO in the Spanish system), and so on, until we complete all the educational stages (up to Bachillerato) in 2025. 

In addition, becoming a Globeducate British International School will provide our students with a wide range of international experiences, both academic, sporting and social, with students of different nationalities in different parts of the world. A unique opportunity that will allow them to receive all the advantages of the British system of educational excellence but without the need to move away from their own city and environment. 

In a context as changing as the current one, education plays a crucial role more than ever, with the challenge of being at the forefront of the transformation process. And we, as an educational institution, have the obligation to move towards a paradigm based on learning that prioritises the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to live and work in times of permanent change.

The educational approaches that served previous generations do not have the capacity to fully prepare today's children for today’s future. Students starting school now will leave school in a world that is even more interconnected, complex, uncertain and changing, and will face professions that do not even exist today. A world in which those who are adaptable and resilient, those who are prepared to face the inevitable challenges and unimaginable opportunities that tomorrow's world will bring, will be valued and rewarded.

To respond to the real needs of students and their families, Globeducate has created the British International Schools cluster; a new brand within the group with a shared educational philosophy and positioning, whose members, including St. George's as co-founding school, will be in constant search of synergies and exchange of experiences, united by a common goal: to prepare our students today for the world of tomorrow, through excellence in British education.

To all the families, thank you very much for your support in these first 65 years of the school's history, we are convinced that the future holds great success for our pupils.''

Juan Martorell

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