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St. George´s British International School
How to apply

How to apply for a place at St. George's British International School

If you’re interested in applying to St. George’s you can follow our simple 3-step Admissions Process below. We are currently accepting applications for all year groups.

We teach the English National Curriculum, a system of learning designed to foster curiosity and confidence along with imparting all the necessary skills and knowledge required to succeed in exams and evaluations.

Our 3-step Admissions Process:

How to Apply

About the school

St. George’s is a private international school in Leioa, Bilbao welcoming children from ages two to18. We currently teach the English National Curriculum up to Year 9 and are progressively moving over to teach this curriculum all the way through to the last year of secondary school. Our school offers children a multilingual education from the age of 2, combining innovative methodologies and personalised attention to ensure that every one of our students reaches their full potential.

International British education, progressive values

Inspiring a lifelong passion for learning

Educational excellence since 1956