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St. George´s British International School
The British school in Bilbao
The British school in Bilbao

The British school in Bilbao

Established in 1956, St. George's is a private British international school in Bilbao (Biscay). We offer a multilingual education for pupils aged two to 18. Our teaching methods combine innovative methodologies, personal attention and values education. Our aim is clear: to prepare our pupils to reach their full potential and to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

The British school in Bilbao

International education

At St. George's British International School we offer our students a complete educational experience, which goes beyond purely academic. Our students become well-rounded citizens, socially responsible and respectful of others. Music, sport, creative arts and technology form an essential part of our curriculum. Our students finish their pre-university studies as bilingual young people, with a solid academic preparation that gives them access to prestigious universities, both in Spain and in the UK, USA or any other international destination.

Founded in 1956, it is the first and only British school in Biscay to offer the English National Curriculum from the age of two upwards. We follow a curriculum that promotes and fosters both academic excellence and the all-round development of our pupils, preparing them to transform tomorrow, through the renowned British curriculum, with a clear international vocation. 

Our British curriculum

As a British school in Bilbao we follow the UK curriculum, called the English National Curriculum, whilst meeting the Spanish curriculum requirements of the Basque Ministry of Education; a unique configuration which allows us to provide a fully bilingual education from Pre Nursery Class upwards (two years old). 

At present, our pupils follow the English National Curriculum from Pre-Nursery Class to Year 9. We will gradually extend the British curriculum year by year until all our pupils follow the British curriculum, eventually studying for IGCSE and A-Level examinations. This gradual transition will be completed by 2025.

The British Curriculum is a world-renowned system that combines academic excellence with practical learning, providing students with a dynamic, interactive and highly motivating learning environment that enhances their learning style. The key to the success of our educational programme is to develop the different skills of each child, with a highly personalised curriculum, which encourages critical thinking, research and practical experiences, where the content matters as much as the skills and abilities of each student.

Our values

Our teaching methods and curriculum are designed around four key principles:


Through a broad and balanced curriculum that develops one's talents and abilities to the fullest. 


Facing challenges with tenacity and bringing out the best version of oneself in different life circumstances.


Each student is unique and can contribute to creating a more just and sustainable future.


Understand what success means for each of us and take the necessary steps to achieve it.  

Discover our admission process in Bilbao

We are currently accepting applications from students from the age of two up to Bachillerato. If you are interested in our British school in Bilbao we invite you to contact our Admissions team. They will contact you immediately to give you all the information you need and arrange a personalised visit.


“Every day is a new challenge, which I face with dedication and effort to guarantee all our families a familiar and personalised attention. Because you, families, but above all your children are a constant source of inspiration and learning.”

Elena Cunningham, Head of Admissions

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