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St. George´s British International School
Primary School

Primary years at St. George's

The primary phase of the English National Curriculum is divided into two stages: 

  • Key Stage 1 (ages five to seven) 
  • Key Stage 2 (ages seven to 11)

During the Primary phase, children begin to develop a sense of independence and start to feel more “grown up”. During these years they make excellent progress in oral comprehension and expression, literacy, numeracy and social skills.

Full English immersion and dedicated support


All subjects are taught in English aside from Spanish and Basque language classes, and sociales (taught in Spanish). Our classes follow the practical methodology synonymous with the British curriculum, which means that different types of learners are able to progress at different rates. Small class sizes ensure that we are able to provide all pupils with practical support. 

Using technology


In today’s world a competent grasp of technology is an essential skill for success in many walks of life. We are committed to making sure that our students leave school with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Students at St. George’s are provided with iPads to support their digital learning, which includes beginning to explore simple programming and coding techniques and using educational games. We teach students how to use technology responsibly, and find that as students develop greater technological confidence, they take more initiative in their learning and research, and become more intellectually curious, interested and creative.

Key stage testing


Along with a system of continuous assessment throughout the year, all students sit tests at the end of Key Stage 1 and again at the end of Key Stage 2. These tests cover reading in English, simple grammar and punctuation, and mathematics. 


Throughout the primary stage we consolidate personal and social skills.