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Secondary School

The Secondary phase at St. George's

At this vital stage in their academic journey, our students start to gain real control and ownership of their learning. Our innovative teaching methods encourage students to develop their technological skills as they complete research projects both individually and in groups. They learn to question and challenge information, and to defend their ideas and opinions in a factual and rational manner. They begin to conduct active individual research and continue to develop their developing critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills. 


Moving to the English National Curriculum

While our students currently study the Spanish National Curriculum from Year 7 onwards, from September 2021 we will begin the progressive conversion of St. George's into a British International School at all educational stages, with the gradual implementation of the English National Curriculum throughout all secondary school classes. This will begin with Years 8 and 9, and continue each year until the British system replaces all existing classes. This transition will be complete by 2025. The English National Curriculum is made up of two Key Stages in secondary education, Key Stages 3 and 4. 

We believe that responsibility and self-discipline are essential tools.

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