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St. George´s British International School
Sixth Form

Sixth Form at St. George's

As our students reach Sixth Form, also known as Years 12 and 13, they will follow a combination of A-Level (Key Stage 5 of the English National Curriculum) and Spanish Bachillerato. Whatever future path our students decide to take, we provide them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to successfully face the challenges that lie ahead.

Students at St. George’s British International School can choose their A-Level courses from a wide range of subject options, which are accredited for access to both Spanish and international universities. Students are offered a range of subjects designed to enable them to access the broadest range of degree level qualifications at universities throughout Spain,United Kingdom, the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.

The first A-Level class will begin in 2025. In the meantime our students leave with an excellent preparation for university thanks to our bilingual Spanish curriculum, as evidenced by our fantastic results to date, with a 100 per cent pass rate and an average mark of 8.6 out of 10.

Support to succeed

During their last two years at St George's British International School, students are given all the support and encouragement they need to achieve their full potential in terms of academic results. This, in turn, gives them more options when the time comes to make decisions about their further education or possible career choices. Our students achieve excellent results in the University Entrance Examinations (PAU), with 100 per cent passing “Selectividad” and the vast majority of students gaining access to their first-choice university. Our student guidance department provides questionnaires and psychometric testing to help students to choose the options that are best suited to their particular skills set, academic strengths and personal ambitions. 


International opportunities


Outside of lessons, students are offered the opportunity to participate in events such as the Globeducate Model United Nations, as well as arts and academic conferences and competitions designed to stimulate enquiring and innovative minds.


Students at St. George's can choose their A-Level courses from a wide range of subject options.