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St. George's British International School News 

The importance of resilience - St George's British International School

Learn and strengthen in the face of crises, a value we teach at St. George’s British International School.

Resilience is important in the educational process because it has been shown that, after family, school is a key environment, fundamental for students to acquire the necessary skills to get ahead thanks to their ability to overcome adversity.

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Educating in an uncertain world - St George's British International School

This is how we prepare students at St. George’s to face the many challenges of the future.

"65 per cent of children who start primary school today will end up starting their working lives in completely new jobs that still do not exist."

So how do you prepare children to face the many challenges that technology poses? How do we encourage entrepreneurship and adaptability in them so that they know how to function in a labour market that is an enigma? How do we train critical citizens, capable of tackling problems like climate change and committed to equality?

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