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10 YouTube channels for learning science

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Internet content not only entertains, but can also be an excellent educational supplement. Here is our recommendation of the best creators of science entertainment on the internet.

Who says social media is only for entertainment or wasting time? These stereotypes ignore the capacity of social media as an attractive vehicle to educate and disseminate valuable information. Platforms such as YouTube can, why not, even serve as a complement to educational training itself. Here we can find experts who explain their area of speciality with an enormous didactic capacity, offering resources with a depth that, on many occasions, there is not enough time to reach in the classroom.

In this article we recommend 10 science content creators to learn about physics, mathematics, biology, neuroscience... in a fun and entertaining way.

1. Derivando

This channel is run by a mathematician and teacher Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón, a magnificent science communicator whose career has led him to write several books and present television programmes such as Órbita Laika. Sáenz de Cabezón explains basic concepts about mathematics in front of his blackboard in a pleasant and engaging way, and will provide you with all kinds of useful tools for your studies. You will feel like you are attending classes with your favourite private tutor.

2. Quantum Fracture

This is one of the most popular science channels on the Internet. Presented by José Luis Crespo, a physicist, whose channel is featured by its high quality animations to explain fundamental physics concepts such as inflation, string theory, quantum mechanics... Students of science baccalaureate will be grateful to be subscribed.

3. Antroporama

Patricia Tezanos, who is neuroscientist, presents some of the features that most intrigue scientists about the human mind, probably the most complex object in the universe. Her channel has a unique style: it contains explanations of everyday life, real cases and funny animations that will make it easy to get hooked on her videos.

4. La Hiperactina

Sandra Ortonobes is a young biomedical doctor who feeds her YouTube channel, with interesting concepts about the human body. Why we get headaches, how energy drinks affect us or why we have allergies are some of the topics you will find if you explore her channel. Ortonobes is also the author of a book on curiosities about human biology, called What Can Go Wrong?

5. Date un Vlog

Javier Santaolalla is an engineer and PhD in particle physics. His channel was one of the pioneers in popularising science, explaining complex topics in a friendly style that is very appropriate for young audiences. Santaolalla has opened several channels on YouTube, such as Date un Voltio and Date un Vlog, and is now more focused on informative content adapted to TikTok. Santaolalla has also written several popular science books and presented several popular science programmes on the internet and television.

6. El Robot de Platón

With rigour and seriousness, but with a touch of humour, Aldo will take you to demystify some of the most widespread beliefs in science, will update you on current scientific news and will teach you some fundamental concepts on different subjects such as physics or astronomy.

7. La gata de Schrödinger

Rocío Vidal is a journalist specialised in science communication who dedicates her channel to research on different topics. Lately, her content is focused on dismantling scams, conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific beliefs, from terraplanism to reiki or religious sects.

8. DotCSV

If you like technology, Carlos Santana's channel will become your favourite. This engineer will answer all of your questions about computers, robotics and artificial intelligence.

9. Cerebrotes

Clara García, a doctor in neuroscience, divulges in her channel “Cerebrotes” a large amount of interesting content about the brain, in an entertaining and very didactic way. Her content covers a wide range of topics, from personality disorders to the anatomy of the human brain.

10. CdeCiencia

This channel is already a mix between art and scientific content. Every time Martín, the creator, feeds his channel, his followers get ready to live a metaphysical experience. CdeCiencia not only divulges, but also reflects on the human condition itself and blurs the boundaries between humanities and sciences in a very personal way.

11. IFT (bonus)

The YouTube channel of the Institute of Theoretical Physics (UAM-CSIC) is a pioneer among Spanish research centres in terms of popularisation. As a public institution, it has been able to adapt the language of the internet by providing explanations of complex physics concepts by putting its researchers in front of the camera. Some of them, such as Álvaro de Rújula, Ángel Uranga and Alberto Casas, are already real internet stars, as well as renowned physicists.


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