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St. George´s British International School

“5 Days, 5 Changes” Campaign to Meet New EU Energy Targets

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Our students have launched a mission to help conserve energy by changing behaviour in five simple steps

Preparing each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world is put to the test in no better way at the moment than with the pressing global need to reduce energy consumption, to save the planet. Along with all Eco-School Councils in Globeducate schools in 10 countries, our students have launched a mission to help conserve energy by changing behaviour in seven simple steps - and everyone is invited to join in, at school and at home.

St. George's British International School is a proud member of Globeducate and shares the group´s commitment to addressing the United Nations sustainable development goals. With the hope of reaching carbon neutral status by 2050, the EU has set a new target of 19c maximum heat.

Students across the year groups in our school are going to make seven positive changes over seven days of the week. Together, we will work on the challenge of conserving energy so that we can leave a lasting positive impact.

From Pre-School to Sixth Form, students and teachers, everyone will be set the challenge of conserving energy so that we can leave a lasting positive carbon footprint.

Marina Ramirez, member of the Eco Schools Committee, says that "being part of this committee is very important because it allows me to help my colleagues and be part of the change. This type of initiative helps us to be aware that with a simple gesture or a small change of habit we can do a lot to help the planet and reduce energy consumption".

What are we going to change?

  • Monday – Switch games consoles and devices to energy-saving mode!
  • Tuesday – Unplug fully charged devices!
  • Wednesday – Switch off lights!
  • Thursday – Have a shorter shower and turn off taps!
  • Friday – Play traditional games as well

"All the pupils and families of the school have joined these initiatives with enthusiasm, it is a fun way to raise awareness and to row together towards a society in which energy is used responsibly. Without a doubt, young and old alike have found in these proposals great ideas that can help the planet", explained the Eco Schools Coordination.

Monica Fontán, Assistant Education Director and Eco-Schools Lead, said: “Our students have demonstrated their commitment to tackling climate change and to conserving the environment through their amazing efforts in their Eco-Schools action plans and how they have worked with their peers and their school communities to educate and inspire them. The sense of urgency that is felt by many since our involvement, through WWF-UK, in COP 26 in Scotland last year, has prompted this call for immediate action.”

About Eco Schools

St. George’s British International School joined the Eco Schools programme in 2020. After three years of work led by the Eco Committee, last October it received its first green flag, in recognition of the environmental protection and care work of the entire educational community.

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