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Apps to study (and not get distracted in the attempt)

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Take note of this selection of very effective study apps that help to improve school performance.

The traditional conception of studying at school sees any kind of screen as a harmful external stimulus that will distract the student from the textbook or notes. However, technology is very attractive to young people and using its potential to achieve our goals seems a better idea than trying to systematically keep them away from these stimuli.

But how can an app help students to study? Obviously, not everything works. In the digital world, there is not only room for entertainment, but also for education and concentration. At St George's British International School we know that the best way to learn is to generate interest in the student and keep them motivated. For this reason, we offer you a series of very effective study apps that will help them to improve their performance at school. Take note!


Apps that avoid distractions

It is curious that the same device that usually causes distractions is the one that provides tools to avoid them. Applications such as Forest, Flipd or Study Helper count the time we spend with the application open without accessing any other application, and even block any type of notification. The original example of Forest stands out, which plants a seed until it grows into a forest. Depending on how much time we spend with our elbows in the air, the forest will be more or less lush.


Calendar organiser apps

Analogue diaries are a preference for many. However, nowadays there are people, especially young people, who prefer to opt for digital alternatives that also offer many more possibilities than a sheet of paper. There are many apps to choose from to help you organise your studies: Trello, Cal, Any.Do, My Study Life or Brain focus are some examples. Classifying tasks, organising them, distributing time and setting reminders will be much easier thanks to them.


Apps for locating sources

Especially higher-level students will be very grateful every time they have to locate bibliographic sources thanks to applications such as EasyBib or Pocket: the former is even able to scan the barcode of the book we are reading; the latter saves interesting links on topics we are learning about.


Applications with educational content

They do not strictly fit the objective at hand, but they are equally interesting and educational: GoConqr has a large number of maps and games to learn concepts. On the other hand, Mathway includes explanations related to mathematics to solve all kinds of doubts in this subject. Finally, Geoworld is a geographic app that makes it easy to learn the names of countries and their capitals.

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