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Celebrating Success at Leioa Goblin Gathering 2024!

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Green Georgians shine at the Bridgestone Leioa Globin Gathering 2024

The Green Georgians from St. George's British International School of Bilbao proudly participated in the exciting Bridgestone Leioa Globin Gathering 2024 last Sunday, April 14th. With enthusiasm and dedication, our team demonstrated their skills in a range of thrilling activities, earning commendable recognition on the track. 

Among tough competition, the Green Georgians secured an impressive position, showcasing their talent and teamwork throughout the event. Their standout achievement was claiming the second prize in the sprint race, a testament to their speed and precision against the other competing teams. 

While not claiming the top spot overall, their notable position reflects their perseverance and commitment to excellence in every aspect of the competition. Additionally, the team's dedication to sustainability earned them the esteemed "Greenest Bodywork" award, highlighting their innovative approach and environmentally conscious practices. 

One of the highlights of the event was the spirit of camaraderie and enthusiasm shared among participants. The Leioa Goblin Gathering brought together students, parents, and educators in a celebration of sportsmanship and friendly competition. 

As we reflect on this memorable experience, we extend our sincere appreciation to all members of the Green Georgians team. Their hard work, sportsmanship, and dedication have brought pride to our school community. Let's continue to strive for success, knowing that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and learning. 


Greenpower UK 

Participation in this event is part of one of the extra-curricular activities we offer at St. George's British International School. Greenpower UK is an extracurricular subject driven by a global project instigated in the United Kingdom called the «Greenpower Education Trust». The Greenpower UK model seeks to encourage young people to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Mathematics (STE(A)M subjects), with a view to increasing the number of young people who choose to pursue careers in technical fields. The project provides a framework for teams to design, develop and assemble electric cars, which they can then enter into open races against other groups participating in the scheme. It is a fun, competitive and intellectually challenging activity and pupils and teachers alike enjoy the excitement of being part of this global challenge. 

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