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Every child is unique

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At St. George's British International School we truly believe in the importance of identifying each child's strengths and weaknesses in order to develop their full potential.

The main aim of St. George's British International School is to develop language skills and provide access to knowledge from the very first day. Our teaching methods combine innovative methodologies and personalised attention to ensure that each of our pupils reaches their full potential.

Every child is unique. All children learn, integrate into society, communicate and grow. What they learn, how they integrate into society and how they communicate depends on the individual child and the socio-cultural factors that affect them. Every child grows up in a particular way. Let us educate happy children, not equal people.

We could safely say that we have reached a point of no return where everyone labels many behaviours that are, in themselves, completely normal. Labels act as self-fulfilling prophecies, we cannot forget that, and therefore, we must focus our language and attitude towards patience, intuition of needs and individual attention. If we all parents look back, we will notice phrases such as "your child doesn't speak yet, doesn't pronounce well, doesn't read, can't write yet, can't subtract", and so on, and so on, we progress and grow with them. The acquisition of skills is normal in many of our immediate contexts, but what really matters are your children, our students.

Educating without labels

Without pretending to offer magic formulas for education at St. George's British International School, the key to transforming education is to personalise it: to discover each child's individual talents, in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally find their true passions.

As Sir Ken Robinson explained in a talk, the success of a school is to provide "the conditions in which children's natural talents can flourish". In his many lectures, which we invite you to seek out and enjoy, he says that "there are people who love what they do, because that is who they are. But they are a minority. The main cause is education, because it takes us away from our natural talents. We need an educational revolution, challenging everything we take for granted". For these reasons, in our school we encourage art, creativity, sport, critical thinking, and we do all this so that each child, with our help, can identify weaknesses and strengths to develop their full potential.

In his words, "life is not linear. We create our lives as we explore our talents in relation to the circumstances around us. Communities depend on the diversity of talents, not on a single conception of capacity".

In closing, we extract one of his famous quotes: "Every day, our children spread their dreams beneath our feet and we must tread lightly so as not to crush them".

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