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Ideas and games in class to learn French

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French is not so difficult or different from Spanish, you just need to find the motivation and the right tools to make learning French an enjoyable activity.

Many people who start learning French encounter difficult grammar, first, second and third group verbs, pronunciations that do not exist in Spanish or English, among other elements. The truth is that French is not so difficult or different from Spanish, you just need to find the motivation and the right tools to make learning French an enjoyable activity. There are different tricks, tips, resources and free games to learn French that can help you to make the study of this language more fun.

Learn French with board games

The game 'Let's learn French' by BrainBox is a perfect memory game to start motivating the little ones in class. It consists of playing challenges for 10 minutes. A fun and concentrated activity, perfect for primary school children.

Learn French with Vincent

We couldn't leave YouTube out. Vincent, not the painter, has many channels to learn French in different languages. In English, the channel is called 'Learn French with Vincent' and is full of multiple lessons for you to review and learn the most important topics of this language. Just check out their playlists, watch the most popular videos to start learning French. Perfect to use as a game during French lessons.

Apprendre le français - TV5 Monde

This website of the international TV channel TV5 Monde, offers a wealth of resources to learn French for both students and teachers. You can find exercises, games, videos or audios according to your level of French. It has a specific section of games where you can suggest to your students or children to have fun discovering words, practising the conjugation of verbs, learning about the history of the French-speaking world, among others. You can choose the one that best suits their interests.

Le Point du Fle

This website allows those interested in learning French to practise different grammar exercises on their own, as it offers an arsenal of exercises in spelling, vocabulary, oral and written comprehension, pronunciation and even songs. Today we bring this link to the ranking for printable worksheets, which will help the pupils of St. George British International School to learn the rules of French.

Le bon mot, an app to learn French

While it is true that there are many language learning apps such as Duolingo and Babbel, none of them are designed by specialists from the Sorbonne University in Paris, as is the case with Le bon mot, which offers an exquisite selection of channels such as text, images, audio from native speakers, articles on French culture, etc., which will make the learning experience complete and effective. It offers simple and clear explanations of grammar and vocabulary. We propose this app as a support for older learners.

Learning French will help you improve your job opportunities and develop your career. Because French is the third language on the Internet, ahead of Spanish, you will have access to all this information and you will understand the world in a different way.

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