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PCE exams in Bilbao: Everything you need to know

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What are PCE tests? How do they work? What are their advantages? Solve all your doubts here

When students enter Sixth Form, Year 12 and Year 13, they engage in the study of a variety of subjects in preparation for A-Level examinations (Key Stage 5 of the English National Curriculum) and the Spanish Baccalaureate. Whatever pathway they choose to follow in the future, we equip them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to successfully meet the challenges ahead. To gain entry to university they must sit the PCE test (Specific Proficiency Examinations) in Bilbao - you've come to the right place to get all the information you need! Students will take the PCE depending on the university chosen, as each university has different admission criteria depending on the student's country of origin. Today we are going to take an in-depth look at the PCE tests we offer at St. George's British International School.

What are the PCE tests?

The Specific Proficiency Examinations (PCE) are examinations designed to assess the knowledge and skills of students wishing to enter university. These tests offer the opportunity to demonstrate competence in specific subjects related to the desired area of study.

How do the PCE tests work in Bilbao?

In Bilbao, as in other cities, the PCE tests are divided into different phases and subjects. Students have the opportunity to choose the subjects in which they wish to be assessed, allowing them to excel in specific areas of their interest or academic strength. Our first Sixth Form class will graduate in 2026.

We are pleased to share the achievements of the O Castro British International School group school in Vigo, the first school in Galicia to offer all stages of the British education system. In 2020, its first class excelled in taking A-Level exams with a 100% pass and pass rate. In addition, 52% of the grades achieved were A or A*, demonstrating the commitment and academic excellence of our students. The results in the UNED PCE exams were also outstanding, with an impressive average mark of 3.1 out of a possible 4 points. The highest mark achieved was 3.9, highlighting the level of preparation and dedication of our students. We will follow in their footsteps!

PCE exams in Bilbao

Advantages of the PCE tests  

One of the main advantages of opting for the PCE tests in Bilbao is the flexibility they offer. Students have the opportunity to choose the subjects in which they wish to be assessed, allowing them to excel in specific areas of interest or academic strength. In addition, the PCE can also serve as a second chance for those who did not achieve the desired results in other university entrance exams.

Preparation for the PCE

To ensure success in the PCE in Bilbao, proper preparation is essential. This includes familiarising yourself with the format of the exam, practising with examples of past questions and acquiring the necessary knowledge in your chosen subjects.

The PCE tests in Bilbao offer a unique opportunity for students wishing to enter university. With their flexible and rigorous approach, these tests allow applicants to demonstrate their proficiency in specific areas of knowledge. Prepare properly and take advantage of this opportunity to achieve your academic goals in Bilbao!

If you need more information about the PCE tests in Bilbao, contact us today for personalised advice and get started on your path to academic success!

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