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Student exchanges: England

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Discover our student exchanges in England, an opportunity to broadening cultural and academic horizons.

Student exchanges are a transformative experience that gives young people the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, gain language skills and develop invaluable maturity away from home. Studying for a year in England, with its rich history, cultural diversity and world-renowned education system, offers a range of benefits that positively impact students' lives. Therefore, the staff at St. George's British International School are excited to offer guidance to families who are looking for a student exchange where the emotional well-being of the students is paramount.

St. George's students can study for an academic year at Stonar School (England), one of our cluster schools. Stonar is a leading boys' and girls' boarding school, renowned for its attention to the emotional well-being of its pupils and its excellent teaching. An exchange allows pupils to gain confidence, improve their English and acquire a global mindset by broadening their horizons and meeting new friends. Let's briefly review the advantages and overcome some classic fears when students face a year away from home.

Broadening cultural and academic horizons through a student exchange

The main benefit of a student exchange lies in the opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely different culture. England, with its historical heritage and multiculturalism, offers an enriching experience. Students have the opportunity to learn about new ways of life, traditions and values, which helps them to develop a more open and tolerant mindset. In addition, the British education system is highly valued, and studying at renowned institutions provides a unique academic perspective that encourages critical thinking and creativity.

Our students at St. George's British International School have an added advantage as they have been immersed in the British education system for many years. Our teaching methods combine innovative methodologies and personal attention to ensure that each of our students reaches their full potential. At Stonar, over 75% of both boarding and day students are British, providing an authentic British boarding school experience with total language immersion, following the same curriculum, sports and activities as their peers. In this welcoming and comfortable boarding school, students will live with other native English speakers or those who speak a different first language, encouraging each other to speak English. However, the challenge will be in living away from home, interacting day and night with English students and being able to live an all-English life both in and out of the classroom.

Student exchanges as English language learning

Studying in a country where English is the main language provides complete immersion in the language. Our students at St. George's British International School will put into daily practice the language learnt during the previous years, but now in real situations, with everyday conversations and social activities. All this accelerates the learning process. Students return to Spain with fluency and confidence in English, which gives them significant advantages in the academic and professional world. They gain confidence, vocabulary and an authentic accent that sets them apart.

At St. George's British International School we follow the English National Curriculum, an internationally recognised and respected framework that opens doors to prestigious universities throughout Spain, the UK, the USA, Europe and the rest of the world, a year's training in England is a unique bonus and a competitive advantage!

Student Exchanges

Living on a student exchange develops maturity and autonomy

A student exchange involves living away from home and family, which brings with it a valuable opportunity to develop independence and maturity. Students face new challenges, adapt to different lifestyles and take on previously unknown responsibilities. Learning to manage time, money and solve problems autonomously contributes to significant personal growth. Outside of school hours, students benefit from superb facilities for the arts, sports and horse riding, and can also enjoy a wide range of visits and excursions. Stonar's short-stay programmes offer true immersion in a traditional British boarding school for a full year, or if preferred, one or two terms, or half a term.

A student exchange opens up a world of contacts

Exchanges offer the chance to establish lasting international friendships. Students interact with peers from all over the world, creating a valuable global network of contacts for future academic and professional opportunities.

Living in a foreign country can be challenging, but it also fosters resilience and adaptability. Students learn to cope with unfamiliar situations and find creative solutions. These skills are essential in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.

In conclusion, student exchanges are a unique experience that broadens horizons, enriches students' academic and personal lives, and contributes to the development of a more tolerant and globally connected generation. Those who are fortunate enough to take advantage of this opportunity should value it as an experience that will leave them with indelible memories and lifelong skills. If you would like to know more about the options we offer at the only British school in Biscay for a student exchange, please do not hesitate to contact us. At St. George's British International School, we are committed to providing our students with enriching and transformative educational experiences that will prepare them for a successful and global future.

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