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St. George´s British International School

School Facilities at St. George's

We are fortunate at St. George’s to have excellent purpose-built  facilities, designed to meet our student’s needs at every stage of their educational journey. The school’s architecture was designed to allow for plenty of space and natural light, with specific areas dedicated to meet the particular requirements of each subject.  

Classrooms and laboratories

Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed for the age group they serve. With students from age two up to age 18, the needs of each class is different, which is reflected in our study spaces. Our labs are well-equipped, spacious rooms where students can experiment safely and enjoy the study of science. 


Our library is a place of silent study, where students learn the importance of quiet concentration, an important skill for their future academic and everyday lives. Working in the library also helps students to develop all-important research methods and learn how to seek information independently.

Sports facilities

We have outdoor courts for practising a variety of different sports and a multi-sports indoor gymnasium for activities including dance and gymnastics. 

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