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St. George´s British International School
Special Education Needs

St. George's SEN Department

The overriding aim of the SEN Department at St. George's is to ensure that there is a professional, appropriate and effective support system in place to facilitate teaching and learning. Young people mature at different rates, and their responses to the educational process and the complexities of family life can have a direct and significant effect on their ability to learn and study effectively.


The SEN Department offers professional help and practical support and advice to teachers, students and their families to ensure that any difficulties or challenges that might arise are resolved in the most effective and positive way.

Our Educational Psychologists have extensive training and experience in child and adolescent psychology and are qualified to deal with a range of issues including specific learning difficulties, special educational needs, management of emotional and behavioural problems, support for gifted and talented children and therapeutic intervention. The department seeks to identify any potential problems at their earliest stages and to offer the most appropriate and effective short or longer-term solutions. Students, staff and families are encouraged to use this service at times when they may require a little extra help in order to deal with any personal, social or academic issues that may be preventing them from achieving their goals.

The department offers individual support and guidance to every child for whom additional assistance might be necessary, evaluating and assessing their educational or emotional needs in order to establish an appropriate and coordinated response based upon the specific requirements of each case. The department works in close cooperation with teachers and families, offering the necessary resources and expertise to ensure that every child can fulfil their maximum academic and personal potential.